Gol18 LA Golf Academy. All Lessons taught by our PGA head professional in West LA area.



Carlos is an amazing teacher of the game.  I was a beginner and he has turned me into a real golfer who can play with business people who have played their whole life.  Carlos is patient, courteous and respectful. Carlos cares deeply about his students, not only in the game of golf, but in life in general.  You can trust anyone of any age with Carlos.  I recommend Carlos to everyone I know that wants to improve their golf game.
- Kristopher R. (September 2019)

"I have golfed for a little over 3 years and shoot on average on a par 72, about a 87 per round. I never had professional coaching until I took 6 lessons with Carlos. Carlos is a kind, patient, easy to learn from coach and I highly recommend him. I learned why I swing the way I do and learned a great fundamental understanding on ball striking and how to swing. The last time I played a par 72 I shot a 82 and feel like I will be shooting in the high 70's very soon and it is all thanks to Carlos teachings, that I knocked off 5 stokes on average per round."
- Owen R. (September 2019)

Doesn't matter if you're a beginner or looking to improve your game - Carlos is the guy you need.  Lessons are out on the golf course so you actually get a feel for the game opposed to whacking 50 balls at a driving range.  He's the best!
- Jesse S. (May 2019)

My wife and I usually don't spend the time write reviews, but our experience with LA Golf Academy is well above our expectations.  We have each taken lessons with multiple instructors who focus only on the swing.  Carlos focuses on the swing as it pertains to the game in a way that mkes it both instructional and fun.  His greatest gift is that he can speak the language of both the technical person (me) and the intuitive person (my wife); a rare gift.  We are still taking lessons with Carlos and enthusiastically recommend him to others.

- Joe N. (December 2018)

This is an amazing place for your kids to learn and love to play golf.  Carlos is amazing and his wife is so helpful with getting you set up.  Can't say enough great things about this as my son now loves golf.  So easy, and a really good place for kids.
- Derick V. (September 2018)

I have been taking golf lessons with Carlos for 8 months and I couldn’t recommend him more highly. He is a fantastic teacher and offers lots of advice, always in a fun and digestible way. I have improved extremely quickly and it is testament to his teaching! He is charming and I look forward to my golf lessons every week! Him and Pamela are a great team and I will be forever grateful !
- Victoria D. (August 2018)


I am a 32 years old and even though I have always enjoyed playing golf, I've always struggled to play well.  I decided to book a lesson with Carlos and I'm so glad I did.  Carlos made me feel immediately comfartable and worked with me to improve my game.  After our first lesson I booked 5 more lessons and have enjoyed each of our sessiona.  I've already seen great improvement and can't recommend him more highly.  He applies his years of knowledge while also making the experience fun and collaborative.  You can tell he truly cares about each of his students and truly has a possion for teaching.  I highly recommend for anyone who want to learn mroe about golf and/or improve their game.  Carlos is a great teacher and even better person. 
- Adam S. (August 2018)


I needed to get my golf game in gear after buying new clubs - and Carlos was a diamond in the rough (no pun intended).  He's a very caring and devoted instructor.  After only a few lessons he was familiar with my swing and constantly instituted new tips and tricks along the way.
- Matt M. (May 2018)

Carlos is a great instructor who know how to teach the fundamentals and always seeks feedback from his students.  I highly recommend.
- Jeremiah R. (April 2018)

“Carlos is a fun-loving and passionate teacher who focuses on not only teaching you how to swing a golf club but how to think about the game. Prior to working with Carlos, I had taken a couple lessons at the driving range but was still a complete beginner, lacking the consistency to play a course. After taking the introductory lesson and completing a private playing package, I was able to improve significantly and can now play courses on my own. I truly enjoyed his patience, humor, and teaching style. In the short span of these lessons, Carlos taught not only the technical aspects of a golf swing (including driving, irons, chipping, putting etc.), but also the mental concepts behind it. This has helped me to correct my golf swing and more importantly, internalize this information easily. Carlos is truly invested in his students, equipping us with the knowledge and skills to continue playing independently. I think the time with him has been my best investment in golf and I look forward to working with him and Pamela in the future. I definitely recommend him if you’re interested in improving your golf game. “

- Darryl T. (November 2017)

As a complete beginner in golf, I decided to take on the Introductory Lesson and Private Playing Package with Carlos to learn more – these were my best investments to date. Carlos is fun and patient teacher who is able to communicate his in-depth knowledge of the game in a concise manner. What I love the most is his focus on understanding the logic behind the game, so that students can continue learning and progressing on their own thereafter. Looking back, I was struggling to hit a golf ball a few months ago – but after just five lessons with Carlos, I am comfortable enough to play on a course and look forward to learning even more from him in the future. I highly recommend him to those interested in learning how to play golf as well as players who are looking to improve their game.
- Darren Tan (November 2017)

Carlos was fantastic. I had never played golf before and Carlos was wise, patient, and fun to learn from. I was nervous to get on the course but Carlos helped me relax and focus on my game. After working with Carlos, I saw a significant increase in my understanding of how a Golf swing should feel and before I knew it I was hitting balls on the green from the tee box. 
I definitely recommend taking at least a few lessons with Carlos, you won’t be sorry.
- Conor Biddle (November 2017)

I decided to see Carlos two weeks before playing in a tournament. I asked him not to make any radical changes to my swing because I felt like I did not have enough time before the tournament to implement major adjustments. Carlos was able to hear out my specific intentions with the lesson and masterfully deliver on them. In all of the golf lessons I have taken, I have never noticed results so quickly.


He is a dynamic instructor who believes in communication between teacher and student, which makes him a pleasure to work with. His knowledge of the sport is robust, and he knows how to cater the lesson to the individual’s needs. I highly recommend LA Golf Academy and I look forward to working with Carlos and Pamela in the future.

- Matthew S. (October 2017)

I needed to get my golf game up to speed for work and the LA Golf Academy was the perfect choice. Carlos is an amazing instructor and was able to get me comfortable with the game, only after a few lessons! I would encourage anyone who is new, or who needs help improving their game, to take lessons fro Carlos. It was a great experience. I will definitely be coming back!
- Jared H. (July 2016)

Carlos is a wonderful instructor! He's passionate about the game and has a fun teaching style that involves creative drills and helped me more deeply understand the physics of golf. The VA golf course is very peaceful. It was a special experience having a golf lessons there. If I lived in LA county, I'd be here all the time! Thanks, Carlos!
- Maya T. (July 2017)

Easily one of our kids favorite camps of the summer and we've done a lot of summer camps. Coach Carlos is so engaging and has taught my boys not just the essential skills and etiquette of the game, but has taught them to really appreciate and enjoy playing golf. All the staff at LA Golf Academy are so accommodating as well, many times we've booked last minute or day of and they always make room.
- Natalie R. (July 2017)


My 9-year old son participated in Golf Camp for Juniors this summer.  He had a great time!  He came home each day with such positive things to say about the experience.  He learned a lot and his game has definitely improved in a short period of time.  Carlos has the perfect temperament to teach the game to kids.  We are looking forward to continuing with golf instruction from Carlos when the school year starts.

Thanks again!

- Gina (July 2017)

I'm a complete beginner in golf and wanted to learn more about the game because I'm in sales and it comes up often in my line of work.  I signed up for a 5 class package with Carlos and it was great.  Carlos is a great teacher and really cares about his students and the game.  He made sure I understood the fundamentals of the game so I can scale and keep improving.  I would recommend taking lessons with Carlos regardless of your skill level
- Ruby Singh (June 2017)

I had the privilege to take the Private Playing Package, which turned out to be my best investment in golf yet.  Carlos took one look at my swing and tailored a training program on the spot.  He walked me through the concept and the surrounding logic for every aspect of the swing I needed to improve, showed me how it's done, and assisted me (with lots of patience) till my body started to move the right way.  Carlos is a great sensei, and I highly recommend him to anybody that seriously wants to improve their game.
- J. Kobayashi (May 2017)

"My daughter is a junior player participating on the US Kids Golf Tournaments 12-14 age division.  Carlos has done an excellent job as her coach!  Her golf swing is better than ever but more importantly is the progress she continues to make on her mental approach to the game.  Carlos provides solid technical teaching of the game but he also has the ability to continually improve her mental approach while she competes in tournaments.  Carlos is a former player with lots of experience competing and understands what skills are required to keep getting better as a player.  This has allowed my daughter to enjoy the game even more now and has already won twice in tournament play since starting to work with Carlos only 3 months ago.  I strongly recommend him as a coach."
- Ricardo C. (December 2016)

Mr. Rodriguez is a great coach with the high knowledge of the game of golf.  He is very detail oriented and has a great way of conveying his message.  He has retooled my swing like no other coach could.  He is a very likable person and I highly recommend him for players of all levels.
- Troy Bodie (October 2016)

My 10 year old daughter and I have been taking golf lessons together from Carlos.  It is not easy teaching a stubborn-ish child who has never played along with her type A mother who has years of bad habits to break!  He is a terrific pro whose patience and insight have helped us progress to the point where we can actually have some fun playing this game!  We always have a great time while learning so much.  Thank you Carlos.
- Cindy Davis (October 2016)

After decades of lessons (of all types). I can say that Carlos is the best instructor I've had.  He has a unique way of demonstrating my faults, and then showing the right way to do things.  The environment is great; really a playing lesson.  Carlos is a great guy, and I'm glad I found him.
-  Dr. Thomas Hanscom (October 2016)

I needed to get my golf game up to speed for work and the LA Golf Academy was the perfect choice.  Carlos is an amazing instructor and was able to get me comfortable with the game, only after a few lessons!

I would encourage anyone who is new to golf, or who needs help improving their game, to take lessons from Carlos.  It was a great experience.  I will definitely be coming back!
- Jared Houk (July 2016)

Carlos is very personable and his approach to instruction makes sense.  His explanations are clear and I feel that I will improve as I implement his suggestions.  I would recommend him to golfers who are willing to make adjustments to their swings
- Barry Allwright (July 2016)

Coach Carlos is an excellent instructor.  He teaches his students the fundamentals of the game.  He teaches all aspects of the game, including putting and chipping.  As important, Coach teaches the youngsters to be sportsmanlike athletes.  He stresses that they be courtious to each other, that they respect each other, and that they conduct themselves in a manner that will insure the safety of everyone.  I often tease Coach that he has the patience of "Job".  He is extremely patient with his students, regardless of their age or ability.  Confidence is instilled in them as they develope their skills.  My daughter is becoming a good little golfer.  She loves working with Coach!  I am thankful that we discovered LA Golf Academy.
- Pamela L. Jones (July, 2016)

I recently took a golf lesson package with Carlos via LA Golf Academy and have to say it was well worth it!  Patience and clear guidance combined with a high intuition into how I was thinking about the swing really helped in making the necessary adjustments.  If you play golf and either have never bothered to take lessons, or if it has been a while since you last had someone objectively help you, golf lessons with LA Golf Academy are well worth the investemnt of your time.  The game is a lot more fun now?  Thank again Carlos!
- Frank Krieger (March 2016)

My son just finished two great weeks of golf camp!  I can't rave enough about how much fun he had and how much he learned.  He's only 6 but was explaining rules of the game to my husband and me.  It was impressive!  (And I'm not a golfer so I got to learn from them duing this delightful dinner conversation.)

It really is a testament to how great Carlos is at what he does - he has a gift working with children and of course, is a great golf instructor.

Thanks LA Golf Academy - we look forward to seeing you for spring break!!
- Jenn Romo (January 2016)

I bought a half day of summer camp and my kid asked if he could come back a whole day next time!  Next time turned into another and another.  Nowq we are able to enjoy the after school program and just had a super amazing birthday party.  Peaceful golf course and lots of fun for the kids.  Carlos has a way with nurturing a love for the game in the kids.
- Jenna C. (October 2015)

LA Golf Academy is a superb institution for learning how to play golf and more importantly learning the proper technique.  It caters to all ages and all levels.  Never having played golf before, I was taught the correct technique and basics in the very first lesson.  After that Carlos takes you onto the course and spends time teaching you all aspects of the game.  Each student is given a customized lesson plan based on skill sets and level of understanding.  There is no other place to learn how to play golf than LA Golf Academy.  In just a few lessons I have been able to understand so much about the game and actually play.  I highly recommend to anyone needing a lesson or two as a technique refreasher or for beginners excited to learn the game of golf.
- Jonna Ashouripour (June 2015)

Our 10-year old has been taking lessons from Carlos for over two years and has learnt a great deal from him. Carlos is patient, dedicated, and professional.  He is not only a fantastic teacher, he is also a man of warm heart. We are very lucky that we found him. Now our 6-year old is also taking lessons from him and we are looking forward to the day that our 4-year old is ready to learn from Carlos!

- Lily Welch (March 2015)

Carlos was awesome!  I looked forward every week to my lesson and I learned a lot.  We had fun, despite the fact he really made me work.  A true master and a very, special man.
- Anastasia Israel (February 2015)

Mom, Can I come back tomorrow?  Those are the words you want to hear when you pick your 11 year old up from a full day of Golf Camp!  Carlos Rodriguez expert instruction allowed our son to improve his golf game and always smile doing it.  I would recommend this Golf Camp to everyone, Adults and Kids will learn and leave with a love and passion for Golf!
- Stacy G. K.  (December 2014)

My friend recommended Carlos at the LA Golf Academy for golf lessons.  What a great recommendation it has turned out to be.  Carlos is a wonderful instructor that mixes the perfect balance of discipline and fun into the lessons.  My son Andrew loves the lessons and is really learning the fundamentals of golf.  Carlos has a special gift in working with children and we could not be happier.  Thank you Carlos.  
-  Adam Knowlton (December 2014)

My 5 year old son has been taking golf with Carlos for almost a year and loves it.  I have been impressed by how patient, good humored and capable Carlos is when teaching kids.  It is obvious how much Carlos enjoys what he does, and likewise, my son is always excited for his weekly golf class.  My son can be quite shy, but Carlos is so generous, caring and approachable that my son is very happy and open around him.  I look forward to a long relationship with Carlos teaching my son!  
-  Madeleine Wang (December 2014)

My 7 year old son expressed an interest in golf.  We set up a lesson with Carlos at the West LA VA.  At first, I tried to assist in explaining to my son what Carlos meant, but Carlos said that he got it and will take care of it.  I was amazed that my son understood everything Carlos was conveying to him and followed his instructions.  We have been coming to learn from Carlos for several months and my son is looking forward to every lesson.  We have already gone out and played a few holes on our own.  It was truly an amazing experience.  I am grateful to Carlos and Pam at LA Golf Academy.  I will never forget Carlos’ secret to golf – “Y”, “Big L”, “little l”.
  -  David B. Golubchik, Esq. (December 2014)

Our son has been taking lessons with the LA Golf Academy for the last several months and we highly recommend this organization to other families.   Carlos and Pamela are dedicated professionals who treat their golfers with great courtesy and respect while teaching the golfers to do the same towards their fellow team members. Our son has enjoyed significant improvement in his game, but also an increase in self confidence and gamesmanship.   His lessons with Carlos are the highlight of his week.  We couldn't be more pleased with his golf experience at LA Golf Academy.  
Erin Milligan (November 2014)

I was an intermediate, yet very inconsistent golfer and former baseball player.  My game has never been better than after a couple lessons with Carlos.  I recommend Carlos to anyone who wants to gain consistency and confidence in their game.

It is rare to find a coach that wants to make your game the best it can be, as opposed to teaching you generic lessons.  He tailors his instructions to your individual swing and builds up your confidence and trust.  He immediately can identify your tendencies and gives you ways to improve on them.  He has just enough patience and competitiveness to make it enjoyable and push you to improve.  
-  Dave P. (August 2014)

Because of LA Golf Academy I now love golf perhaps more than much else.  We go to school all our lives, meet any number of people, but rarely does one find a teacher.  A teacher doesn't instruct merely in a technical way.  You can find information in a manual and get all kinds of advice from all sorts of questionable sources.  But that only keeps you from playing the game, discovering it for yourself.  Carlos loves this game, and teaches it with that rare gift, an understanding of each student, their needs and physique, each person's nature.  There isn't one way to hit a golf shot, unlike what the televisions tell us.  Furthermore, he is working on the inner character, one person at a time.  Through golf we learn something essential about life.  I see Carlos with people of all ages and abilities.  Hyper kids after an hour remove their hats to say thank you, learning some decorum.  Elderly men after one lesson hit balls they never dreamed possible.  Carlos is real.  The kids he goes to the course with won't forget his infectious personality.  My family feels so lucky to have found you.
Bernard Radfar (February 2014)

I started this summer with a set of golf clubs and no golfing experience. After one introductory class with Carlos Rodriguez I felt confident that he would be the right instructor for me. He was patient, provided concise and effective feedback, and inspired a love for the game. I couldn’t wait to take a 5-lesson package with him!  Carlos also helped me gain the confidence and proper etiquette of playing the game so that I could easily show up and play with a group of strangers regardless of their skill level--I never sit at home waiting for a golf partner. Carlos is truly a comprehensive teacher. 
– Debbie R. (November 2013)


In a word, Carlos is fantastic.  His ability to breakdown and explain what you are doing correctly, or incorrectly, and to make the experience fun and relaxing (rather than frustrating) is second to none.  It's a rare thing to find a teacher with the expertise and patience that Carlos brings to each lesson.  His excitement and passion for what he is teaching is undeniable, and a joy to be around.  Additionally, his ability to relate the concepts that he teaches to whatever the student has experience in turns each lesson into a revelation!  After a 5 lesson package, my wife and I are hooked and we'll be in touch for our next lesson.  If you want to learn the game from a real pro, who is also a brilliant teacher, Carlos is your man, he's a class act.  Thanks Carlos and Pamela!  
- Melissa & James B.  (September 9, 2013)

First, let's get to the point:  Carlos is great!  Second, here's why:  he's patient, insightful, helpful, funny, wise, and... rarest of all...a natural born teacher.  Add to that his experience in the PGA (he's still playing in Senior tournaments), and it's an unbeatable combination.  But perhaps the best thing about Carlos is his philosophy about golf:  it's a social game.  It's not just about mechanics.  The game of golf, like life, takes, ultimately, an intimate understanding of all the parts, and, we have been privileged to witness the growth of our son in so many diverse (and unexpected!) areas as he trains with the maestro, Carlos Rodriguez, that we couldn't recommend Carlos more highly.  
- Mary Yoder and Chris Ruppenthal (May 2013)

I wanted to take the time to quickly share with you my assessment of our experience with Carlos Rodriguez.  My son participated in the LA Golf Academy Spring Camp and subsequent private lessons and definitely received the required attention to improve his game.  More importantly, he learned the significance of character on the golf course.  He learned about values like integrity, respect as well as the basic manners expected on the golf course. One the first day of camp, Carlos taught each participant how to properly introduce themselves to one another.  Engaging with eye contact and sincerity and explain a little bit about yourself.  It was a tremendous moment. I've noticed how the older youth member in the group serve as mentors to the younger members.  He's building a great team environment. I would highly recommend Carlos Rodriquez for your young golfer! Cheers!
- Diane Thibert (April 2013)

I have been working with Carlos Rodriguez and the LA Golf Academy team for about 3 lessons now and have already seen a dramatic improvement in my swing, and in my game in general.  I had started playing with a friend who was also a relatively new player and for whatever reason I was never able to develop a smooth swing, especially at tee-off (when everybody is watching).  My balls all went to the right - dramatically - so far the the right that they ended up on the other fairway for another hole - every - single - time.  Since playing with Carlos, my swing has improved, my confidence has improved, and the game is more fun.  Most importantly, Carlos not only know how to golf - he knows how to "teach" golf, and there is a big difference between those things.  Carlos is patient, instructive, and easy to work with; what's more, he is a great guy and a US Veteran.  I could not think of a better teacher in the Los Angeles area.  I highly recommend him.  After only 3 lessons, I am hitting the ball far and straight down the fairway.  I feel like a real player.  It's awesome.  
- David Pacheco, Esq., Principal, D3 Legal Search (November 2012)

Carlos is an inventive, dedicated teacher.  He offers me practical, relatable tips and guidance as I try to learn this maddening game.  I particularly appreciate that he often starts a lesson with adjustments to my swing, and then we hit the course to apply them.
- Peter Devereaux (November 9, 2012)

Working with Carlos has been amazing.  When I started my first lesson with him, I couldn't even hit the ball.  Then he started working with me.  He walked me through the fundamentals, but instead of just telling me what to do,  he explained the mechanics and physics of the game and the 'why' behind the different techniques.  Not only is he passionate about the sport and extremely knowledgeable, but he's also a blast to work with, which made it easy.  By the end of the lesson, I was already making solid contact with the ball, had an understanding of a proper swing and immediately felt way more confident.  He gave me so much information and insight into the game that I found myself going home and realizing more and more things.  By the third lesson, I was already playing with him on the course.  We played a full nine holes - not only was it loads of fun, but I was amazed I could actually make it all the way through.  I still have a lot to learn but I'm so glad I found Carlos and the LA Golf Academy - the prices are very fair, especially considering he is a PGA Pro and now I feel confident that with his instruction I can develop a solid game, understand the sport and have fun.  
-  Trevor Fernando (May 2012)

I want to personally thank Carlos and Pamela at LA Golf Academy for the amazing work!  My 7 year old son has been taking golf lessons from Carlos for the last 8 months.  The technique and patience he has learned from Carlos is amazing.  Carlos is a professional in golf and teaching.  He makes every lesson fun and exciting for the kids.  His personality is warm, and he treats all his students like family - something you just don't find anymore.  I would recommend LA Golf Academy again and again!
- Diana Felix (April 2012)

Dear Carlos,
I want to express my gratitude and excitement about the heart and soul you've put into teaching my son Cassian golf.  I know that he generally liked the sports but only after the first class with Carlos did you really hooked.  I hardly ever saw him being so excited and eager to get to the next level.  Thanks to you Carlos, who made an amazing job to spark and capture his interest and passion.  Right on, my friend.  Keep it!  My son will be definitely back next year, when he comes visiting again.  So long all the best from the father of the Deutschlander.
- Jens Stoelken, Partner at Mistress Creative Advertising Agency in Venice, CA (August 8, 2011)

I'm 36 years old and have never been able to play golf well...but I have been inspired by Carlos Rodriguez at LA Golf Academy.  He is an incredible teacher and the opportunity to get lessons from a PGA Pro at these prices is awesome.  I would encourage anyone who is interested to take advantage.
- Saul Friedgood (April 2011)

I really enjoyed my time with LA Golf Academy.  I lerned so much from Carlos.  He has a great way of helping you understand all facets of the game.  He helped me improve my swing and my confidence.
Mitch Leslie (July 2010)

Both my husband and I were absolute beginners 3 weeks ago when we first approached LA Golf Academy for lessons.  We eagerly signed up for the 5 lesson package with Carlos Rodriguez the coach.  Carlos said we would be out there teeing up and playing the course by the fourth lesson!  Yeah Right?

Brilliant teachers are few and far between no matter what the subject matter.  Carlos is just such a tutor.  His expertise is evident and his ability to teach in profound.  He has time, he has patience, he has technique and coupled with charm and kindness he is "just what you need to learn golf" WE LOVE IT AND ARE HOOKED.  Couldn't recommend Carlos more highly and Pamela who sorted out all our lessons and relevant times.
- Jill & Hilton Traub (December 2009)

The program was full up until the end. Carlos Rodriguez, our teaching pro, was the "Prolific Pro of Penmar" I have never seen so many kids around the golf course! He did a great job teaching and entertaining the kids the whole time, so the children did not lose interest. The program has a great foundation now for future programs to follow.
- Jim Hookstratten, Golf Starter Supervisor, Department of Recreation and Parks, City of Los Angeles (August 2008)

My personal mantra has always been, "a couple of good strokes per round keeps me coming back."  I've revised my ambition after working with Carlos, since November of 2007.  He's instilled in me a desire to learn; he's encouraged me to meet my expectations, and more than anything else, he's encouraged me to walk slowly toward those goals and enjoy the process along the way!  What a pro!  
-  Yvette Van Dalsem (April 2008)

I want to thank you for all your many hours of kindness, patience and help in starting me off as a beginning golfer. You have made so much sense out of a game that was throwing me for a loop. I have gained so much confidence on and off the golf course as a result of your careful guidance. I have learned so much in the last months from how to address the ball to how to develop more power and a more accurate swing. It was exciting to learn how to read the greens and then to see how much this can improve ones putt. You have also taught me the proper rules of etiquette on the golf course which I am still refining according to my husband. Lastly, you have instilled the value of making the game fun and lightening up which also has improved my game immensely.

I look forward to many more lessons in the future. Thank you for helping me take my golf game to the next level I will be forever in your debt.

- Joyce Brunelle (January 2008)

I have had the fortunate opportunity to take golf lessons from Carlos Rodriguez.  Carlos is a great teacher and I look forward to each lesson.  He responds to my questions with clear understandable answers.

In addition to the golf instruction, Carlos handles the lessons in a business-like manner.  He is always on time, calls to confirm appointments and call in advance if its necessary to re-schedule.

Without reservation, I give Carlos my highest recommendation.
- Steven G. Culp ( August 2006)

The LA Golf Academy is the best place to learn golf that there is – period. Time is very important to me and if I invest my time, I want to really get something out of it. Never have I been more satisfied with a place and with a Pro (Carlos).
- Ritch Tavtigian

I am a beginner that now has one clinic session under his belt. I have improved so much in such a short time. The LA Golf Academy is an incredible place to learn.
- Jen Weatherford

Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed the extraordinary golf lesson I had with Carlos. Wow! He's fantastic. Clearly, the man is a gifted player, but more to the point, he's a remarkable teacher. He somehow knows how to take you from wherever you are and lift you higher. It's very exciting. Thank you for making it possible. I'll be in touch regarding another lesson.
- Mal Neal, Director of Advancement, Berkeley Hall School

This letter is an unqualified endorsement of Carlos Rodriguez as a teaching golf pro who can help you understand and learn how to play this challenging and often frustrating game of golf. I only took up golf in my later years in retirement and have tried some lessons here and there from a variety of pros who all seemed to want to teach me how to swing like they do on the tour. At my age, with my limited flexibility it never seemed to work out. Carlos approaches each person individually and tries to capitalize on what they have to offer. He outlines simple ways they can improve their game. His is not the doctrinaire approach most pros seem hung up on. His lessons are refreshing and most important they are effective. Carlos explained things to me in clear simple terms that were more understandable to me than anyone else I have met. He has given me more enjoyment in my game. Try him out. You will be as enthusiastic as I am.
- Arthur S.

I just wanted to keep you informed about the Tregnan Junior Golf Program at Penmar. It is coming to an end this week and it has been an overwhelming success. I have gotten feed back from parents requesting the program be implemented year round. The parents have said the kids loved the program and were very much educated in the game and rules of golf.

Like a master craftsman, Carlos gave me a set of tools and showed me how to use them. Then he helped me hone them and now they are mine forever.
- Mike

Our son, Ethan (now 10), had once tried golf two years ago and found it boring. We decided to try again this winter by sending Ethan to LA Golf Academy and its top pro, Carlos Rodriguez. What an incredible difference Carlos made! Ethan not only enjoys his lessons but he's learned how to hit the ball straight! And, Carlos has done an amazing job of teaching Ethan about golf etiquette and the basic rules of golf. Tiger better be looking over his shoulder! Ethan's coming up behind him and it's all thanks to LA Golf Academy and Carlos!
- David R. Altschuler, Esq.

I can't imagine trying to learn to play this game without Carlos. He's a pro in every sense of the word: passion for the game and passion for teaching. My goal is to be half the student Carlos is the teacher.
- Casey Wojciechowski

Carlos is a wonderful golf instructor... I will be forever grateful for his lessons on how to correctly swing a golf club. He taught us the dynamics of the swing step by step and gave us helpful exercises to practice to improve our swing. As new golfers we were anxious to move onto the course and proceed with other aspects of the game but he persistently pulled us back until we could proficiently swing a club (lucky for us he was persistent)!

Carlos' enthusiasm to teach, his good sense of humor and his love of golf are reflected in his instruction. He continuously looks for ways to increase his student's enthusiasm for golf and avenues to get them involved in golfing activities. He strives to meet each individual student's learning needs, even in a group lesson setting. I have enthusiastically recommend Carlos to others for both introductory and advanced golf instruction.
- Ellen Jasmer